Fusty Cunt Tapes

Fusty Cunt Tapes

Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb 2017

6 New titles available.

FUC 154: Deterge - Unintentional c15
Loop process harsh noise based around mathematically coded computer crashing errors.
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/deterge-unintentional-sample

FUC 163: Koufar - When The Last One Leaves c20
Hardline Lebanese power electronics.
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/koufar-when-the-last-one-leaves-sample

FUC 164: CIS - Tar Heel Transphobia c30
Anonymous North Carolina industrialized power electronics. No apologies, not for everyone.
"CIS (or CISgendered) is an autogynephile coinage intended to slur normality."
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/cis-tar-heel-sample

FUC 165: Straight Panic - Homo Will Not Inherit c22
Anti-breeder power electronics.
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/straight-panic-homo-will-not-inherit-sample

FUC 167: (A)sex - Forced c10
Head on collision US cut-up harsh noise.
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/asex-forced-sample

FUC 169: Body Stress - When Sickness Prevails c22
Maximized output harsh noise from Denmark.
Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/body-stress-sickness-will-prevail-sample

Shipping is $3 flat domestic.
International buyers please contact for exact shipping rates.
Paypal: nick_haras@yahoo.com
Contact: jimharas@yahoo.com

Thursday, September 29, 2016

October 2016

FUC 143: Deterge - Anoint C60
60 minutes, 4 tracks of unpolished Power Electronics focused on the 4 mysteries of  the rosary. Packaged with a rosary and pamphlet on prayer and meaning of the rosary.

FUC 153: HollowHecatomb - The Combat Initiative C30
Six tracks of industrial soaked metal. For fans of Godflesh with a heavier focus on experimentation.

FUC 155: Deterge - Civility C10
Civil war PE. Choose a side.

FUC 157: Viridiplantae - Untitled C15
Organic, natural acoustic cut up.

FUC 157: Culled - II C20
Electronic manipulations. Think Smegma but more destroyed. Features a member of Swarm Survival.

FUC  159: Stress Orphan - Mass Causality Event CD
Full length pro CD of fierce PE with moments of decayed reflection.

FUC 160: Blessed Sacrifist/Bride - Split C40
BS brings melancholic PE. Bride brings ritualistic industrial, features a member of TOMB.

FUC 161: Koufar/Deterge - Collhge Notre-Dame de Jamhour C10
One side from each focusing on Pan-Arabism. BPWW.

Contact: jimharas@yahoo.com

Monday, February 22, 2016

Feb 2016 Batch

FUC 135: Deterge - Fundamental Acoustic [2xC15 + Bizcard CDr + textbook]
Educational Power Electronics.
Comes with a small 1950s textbook with instructions on how to obtain the extra Bizcard.
Lim. 45

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/detergefundamental-sample

FUC 137: Secular Identity - E. Cleaver [C47]
Harsh Noise with a Power Electronics vibe.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/secularidentity-sample

FUC 138: Boar / Xome - Split [C40]
Excellent cut-up harsh noise from both involved.
Cassette version of the upcoming 12" on Breaching Static.

Sample Boar: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/boar-sample
Sample Xome: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/xome-sample

FUC 139: Swollen Organs - Lovesick [C20]
Hard hitting heavy electronics.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/swollenorgans-sample

FUC 144: Hostas - Hair Shirt [C40]
Continuously shifting slow Harsh Noise.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/hostas-sample

FUC 145: Crowhurst - Human Capture [C50]
Creeping basement tension noise.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/crowhurst-sample

FUC 146: Lero - Pattern For Living [C50]
Heavy atmospheric drone.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/lero-sample

FUC 152: MBD - Existence Is An Emetic [C10]
Death Industrial/Power Electronics commenting on the absurdity of modern society. Adapt or crumble under it's pressure.
Replace life with society.

Sample: https://soundcloud.com/jimharas/mbd-sample

All tapes: $7 ppd US each, except Deterge $15 ppd
Discount if you buy all 8.
All international orders contact me for for shipping.

Email: jimharas [at] yahoo [dot] com
Paypal: nick_haras [at] yahoo [dot] com

Deterge Shirts

New Deterge Shirts Available. 
Discharge ink. 
Limited to 50 units.

Monday, August 3, 2015

AUG 2015 batch (finally!)

In the works all summer, finally available:

FUC 127: Deterge - Reciprocating Motion [C10]
Source material from circulating saw and lyrics referencing the inventor of the reciprocating saw.
Tape hub packaged on a used circular saw blade.
PLEASE NOTE: There is a limited first run, but a second, identical run will be available shortly. Email to reserve a copy if these sell out.


FUC 128: Ahlzagailzehguh - Straddle Fortress [C20]
Perfection in cut-up noise. Ahlz is second to none when it comes to patient editing techniques.
Packaging contains triple panel vinyl case with tile cover, collage/info back, audio cassette, concrete & nail, and a C0 with attached piece of rusty metal.
$13 (due to weight)

FUC 129: Frequensleep - Praxis Of Levitation [C60]
Heavy, brooding industrial ambiance from Jon Engman (Custodian). This music's intended listening is while sleeping. Comes with two sleeping pills to help on your journey.

FUC 130: Terror Cell Unit - Cerebral Warfare [C20]
Social terrorism power electronics from members of Koufar, Crown of Cerebus and Miscreant.
Adhere to political agenda.

FUC 131: Swarm Survival - Heaven On Earth [C42]
First proper full length after a string of excellent singles. Sometimes brooding PE, other times overt PE. Easily the best material to date.

FUC 132: Needle Exchange - Disease Programming [C10]
Sloppy, septic noisecore from Rhode Island. Total instrument abuse at its finest.

FUC 133: Deterge/Skin Graft/Killed In Prison - Contraband [C10 +C15]
Split/collab between two of the No Coast's worst. You know exactly what this is.
Two cassettes with double sided art and knife.

FUC 134: VICTIM! - Pupila [C40]
Full length of excellent Brazillian PE. Careful attention to detail and composition. 
As usual with VICITM!, this is of the highest recommendation. 

Prices are under each description and vary. 
All prices for US only. If international please state so in email.
Email for wholesale prices.

Email: jimharas@yahoo.com
Paypal: nick_haras@yahoo.com

Monday, June 29, 2015

Available this weekend and soon through mailorder

FUC 127: Deterge - Reciprocating Motion [C10]
FUC 128: Ahlzagailzehguh - Straddle Fortress [C20]
FUC 129: Frequensleep - Praxis Of Levitation [C60]
FUC 130: Terror Cell Unit - Cerebral Warfare [C20]
FUC 131: Swarm Survival - Heaven On Earth [C42]
FUC 132: Needle Exchange - Disease Programming [C10]
FUC 133: Deterge/Skin Graft/Killed In Prison - Contraband [C10 +C15]

Friday, April 17, 2015

Koufar - Lebanon For Lebanese

FUC 64: Koufar - Lebanon For Lebanese LP
First recorded material since 2010's "The Purity Of The Cedars." 
Unrelenting and personal PE assault. Putting an end to "safe" power electronics. 
Vinyl cut in such a way that quality stereo or headphones is required for proper listening due to low frequencies. 
Limited edition of 200 copies in a full color jacket with double sided 8.5"x11" insert.

Order here: